Vintage drafting stools

Drafting Stool Benefits


Would you like to improve the working conditions in your office, school, or other location?  Why not try out a drafting stool!  From practical drafting stools with arms, to vintage drafting stool options, these ergonomically designed pieces of furniture will surely give your place of work the functional and comfortable seating that you require without sacrificing on style!  Here are some great advantages of using drafting table stools!

Provides Comfort

Not only do drafting stools provide the perfect amount of support to your back and body, they also help to transfer the weight of a person’s upper body evenly and to all the right places to reduce strain and fatigue.  Because of the way a drafting stool is designed, it also promotes good posture when sitting, giving you a comfortable place to work.

Reduces Stress

While many people may not associate a cool vintage drafting stool with stress relief, it really can make a difference!  A drafting stool allows for much smoother blood flow to the buttocks and lower back than most traditional office chairs, which can help greatly in reducing stress.

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Adds Style

Another benefit of using a drafting stool is in the area of style and attractiveness.  Materials that make up a drafting stool include mesh, leather, and various kinds of fabric.  Additionally, drafting stools come in a variety of colors and features, to fit your personality, office décor, and personal style.  For those who prefer a little bit of nostalgia, a vintage drafting stool makes a wonderful choice!

Just a simple switch to a drafting table stool or drafting stool with arms can truly cause you to be more productive and comfortable at work, better able to focus your attention, and even more relaxed and stress free!